Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling the library out into each the destinations featured. Press releases are being sent out, a major direct mail campaign is underway to just about everyone we’ve ever dealt with, and – importantly – we’ve begun our program to expand the library to become the largest On-line commercial photo library ever created on the South Pacific (no mean feat, he says).


CLICK on the picture above to take you to our new Photo Library

Library Features: 

  • Thousands of magazine quality photographs ready for immediate downloading.
  • Fully automated system (browse, click, buy and download).
  • Average Price $50 -$200 a photo (depending on size), with  more than 95% of our images Royalty Free.
  • A 50% discount for local tourism operators through our Tourism Industry Assistance Scheme.
  • Package deals for media, publishers and travel agents.
  • Quality Guarantee.

Special Launch Promotion: We’re launching the library with a “Buy-One-Get-Five” Promotion. As you will read in the introduction to our library, the average price of a Royalty Free Image is between AUD$50 and AUD$200. However, if you jump in before our launch promotion expires on March 1, 2017, operators looking to update their web sites will pay just AUD$25 for five photos (click below for details).

Click above to read more about our Five-for-One Launch Promotion.

Tourism Industry Assistance Scheme (T.I.A.S): We’ve also begun working with tourism authorities throughout the South Pacific to involve them in our Tourism Industry Assistance Scheme which will see a range of benefits extended to elevate the profile of their destinations including access to the library for promotional purposes and a 50% discount to local tourism operators on an on-going basis.

A special package providing virtually free access to the library will also be extended to small operators who qualify for special assistance through their tourism authority.

Click above to read more about our Tourism Industry Assistance Scheme

Media Deals: And, of course, we’ll be looking to do package deals with media, publishers and travel wholesalers to access a parcel of images.

Click above if you want to contact us about buying a parcel of images.

So, click on the following link to have a look around our new library.

It’s just the beginning and, well, you never know – one day, you just might need quick access to a high quality photograph of the South Pacific (or the other countries in our library).

Next Project: My assignment cycle begins this week on the tiny South Pacific island of Niue. I’m looking forward to it.

Some time on a hot Brisbane Sunday last year – in between the gardening and looking for excuses to get out of it – I wandered into the office and surfed the net to discover the world’s richest photography competition- the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photographic competition (HIPA for short). It was calling for entries.

No big deal I discovered; just a matter of sending in a pic and a few details over the internet that related to the theme “Challenge” and I could be in the running for the AUD$25,000 first prize.

So, I trawled through the archives and sent in this picture (below) thinking little more of it – until today when I received this message: “Your photograph has qualified for the final stages of the judging.

Now I may well be a long way from that first-class ticket to Cuba but, given the entries it would have attracted worldwide, I’m feeling pretty happy to have come this far – particularly as it’s the first international competition I’ve entered.

I’ll keep you posted…..hopefully from Havannah.

“The contender”

After a short break, we’re back for 2017 and preparing for what is shaping up to be a particularly busy year.

It’s our own fault, we’re changing our business model and building an on-line commercial photo library to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry throughout the South Pacific.

We’ll be launching it in the next few weeks.

It’ll never work,” we’ve been warned. “The big stock libraries are swallowing up the competition and supplying images at rates we just can’t compete with.” Colleagues are saying the market for stock photography is plummeting – “a 75% drop in sales this year alone,” said an associate in the northern hemisphere who’s uploaded about 20,000 photographs to one of the big international libraries. “And, of all the places in the world, do you really think there’s enough of a market in photos of the South Pacific?

Well, I think there is, and I’m prepared to back the idea.

For a “sneak peek” at our new photo library, click the pic above

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I’m about to head home from my last assignment for the year – 21 days all up, after three back-to-back assignments, so I’m looking forward to a bit of time off.

It’s been a successful shoot, with plans to bring me back in 2017 to photograph the Kingdom’s major cultural event and train some of its local photographers to capture tourism photographs, before heading off on a tour of the Empty Quarter with its towering 300 metre sand dunes (yahoo).

In the meantime, here’s a sample of some of the photographs captured during this visit, which concentrated on a welcoming people, significant landmarks, the sophistication of the capital, Riyadh, and the Kingdom’s fascinating culture.

To those who have followed my pics and posts throughout 2016, I’d like to wish you well over the festive period (we’ll be closing shop when I get back until early February). With more books about to be published, assignments to new destinations planned, and the launch of my own commercial Photo Library in 2017, I’ll look forward to your company in the year ahead.

My Lightroom software’s telling me I’ve shot more than 10,000 photographs over the past 21 days (which either means I’m a terrible photographer who’s taken a lot of unnecessary pictures or there’s been plenty to shoot and I’ve just given myself a lot to choose from, he says).

Either way, I’m exhausted; I’m looking forward to getting back to my own bed.

Suffice to say, it’s been a productive shoot, with me having now shot the highlights of 12 of Saudi’s 16 provinces over my three assignments to the Kingdom.

A day in my hotel room processing and I’ll be ready to hand over a broad range of promotional images to its national tourism authority.

Madein Saleh (above), the magnificent sandstone tombs that rise from the northern desert, has been the focus of my attention for the past couple of days. I’d have to say though, the 4am starts with desert temperatures plunging to near zero, provided quite a challenge for a photographer who arrived from an Australian summer with little more than shorts and a few polo shirts. Thankfully, my guide, Yasser Al-Emam (that’s him holding the falcon who – by the way ladies – is looking for a wife) was better prepared, and generously lent me his wardrobe (below).

I’ll post a preview of some of the best images from the shoot shortly……Inshallah.