I’m due back in the office next week but I’ve snuck in to finish off some work I did at the end of last year. I ended up doing back-to-back assignments from October and I didn’t want to compromise the last two shoots by rushing to get all the processing finished before I wound up for the year and my clients were happy to wait a bit.

So, here it is, a short preview of some of the shots that resulted from  a 10 day shoot in northern Vanuatu’s Banks Islands. As you can see, some picture-perfect island backdrops, a Volcano for the more intrepid (I have now seriously concluded I am no longer one of them), two water music performances and, of course, the friendliness of the Ni-Vanuatu.

Otherwise, with six assignment already booked and four more in the pipeline, a new commercial library to build and a Limited Edition Print Gallery to produce from my work over the past two decades, its shaping up to be another busy year.


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All done –  ending my last shoot for the year with Vanuatu’s premier beach resort, The Havannah (preview below).

Thanks to property managers, Fredrick and Victoria, for the creative license they allowed, and to the talent – Cassandra and Chris – who were tireless and professional in their approach. As you can see, despite being at the end of back-to-back assignments, it’s been a particularly productive shoot.

It’s also been a strong finish to a full 2015 which has seen me travelling to different parts of the globe for more than eight months of the year.

Just the images from the earlier shoot for Vanuatu’s national tourism authority to process and some assignments to schedule for 2016 once my Pre-season promotion closes next week and I’ll be ready to enjoy some time at home (it’s where we travel photographers go for our holidays).


Just a quick one as I’m in the middle of back-to-back assignments in Vanuatu – first the Banks Islands, now The Havannah, Vanuatu.

The brief here: Luxury, elegance and serenity.

The talent has just arrived and we start shooting in ernest tomorrow but I thought I’d post this one (below) of the staff which brings a smile to my face and the promise of an enjoyable shoot ahead.

It’s a stunning resort and the talent looks great. ….Please weather gods, just three more days.

Laughter at Havannah Beach Resort, Vanuatu

Laughter at The Havannah, Vanuatu.

I’m just back to Port Vila after  a 10 day “adventure” shoot of Vanuatu’s Banks Islands in the country’s north.

I say adventure, because it ranged from laying in a bed of fire ants (my own stupid fault for not checking), trekking up volcanos, paddling across volcanic lakes in the driving rain, pounding through three metre swells in a banana boat and plunging a coral tooth deep into my foot (to which, I might add, I was gold star brave right up until Sarah went for the razor to cut it out).

Thankfully, it also included arriving here (below).


As you might imagine, I got fairly excited by the potential of the backdrop and returned two days later with talent and props in tow to take on Jimmy Nelson (he shot the same location a few years earlier) – alas to grey skies, howling winds and more driving rain (##$$@@!!).

Still, we managed to capture a few pics including this one (below) between the showers.

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I’ve got another shoot starting tomorrow at the luxury Havanna beach resort (from one extreme to the next) but I thought I’d quickly add these two pics before I head into town.

I’ll post a full preview of the shoot later…(probably about a year from now when I’ve recovered, he says)

With three assignments already booked, I’ve just begun my promotional cycle for the year ahead – offering my usual Pre-Season Package to clients who book an assignment prior to mid-December.

The 2016 package offers a range of incentives to book early at a time most likely to suit, representing the best value for money for my services. It’s only extended once each year; beyond that my standard commercial rates apply.

The deadline for booking the package closes on December 15.  Confirmation of my assignment dates will follow shortly after.

Click on the e-card below for details:

In the meantime, I’m off to Vanuatu on a destination shoot then a resort shoot for my last two assignments in what has been a particularly busy year.