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Why is it not until I travel to one of the most remote locations on earth to photograph one of the most visually striking tribal groups on the planet, that the gods decide to cook and crash my laptop computer!!!!!.

And this as I was looking to back-up the images I’d just captured of the Mursi tribe which included the women you’ve probably seen in National Geographic Magazine who insert massive clay disc into their lips to promote their beauty).

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Now this is an exceptional experience.

Having ascended 3200 metres to the top of Ethiopia’s Simien Mountain Range (thankfully by car), we joined more than 100 Gelada Baboons as they migrated slowly across an alpine plateau. Largely oblivious to our presence, they made their way across a verdant plain, feeding on grass and preening themselves.

I wandered among them for about an hour in a cool mountain air tinged with the scent of wild Thyme, before rain clouds rolled in and ended the excursion.

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The Brief: you’ll be parachuted (figuratively speaking) into Ethiopia for 28 days to build a promotional photo library for the country’s national tourism authority. Setting off with a local guide, a driver and two guide books, you’ll be expected to travel the length and breadth of Ethiopia to photograph its tourism highlights.

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