Finally (and you need to read the previous entry to appreciate my relief), I am in possession of the new Nikon D4 (below). I’ve read the instruction book (…….ok, so I’ve scanned it) and I’m looking forward to taking it to Saudi Arabia. Its very similar in feel and use to the D3 though, of course, it comes with a range of new bells and whistles which I’m yet to test. Early gripe: It only comes with one battery and I’m told another one simply isn’t available which is a poor effort by Nikon for us who head off to remote locations and haven’t got power.  I’m curious to have a play with its video capabilities and produce some short clips which I’m planning to insert into my up-and-coming I-book publications. If I get the time before I go, I’ll post some comparative shots taken on the D3, the D4 and my Pentax medium format digital so we can see the difference.  Always fun to play with a new camera. I’ll keep you posted.