I enjoy the few corporate shoots I do (Westpac and Digicel are my only corporate clients) as its an entirely different pace from my tourism shoots and I like the idea of personalising and localising the subject matter (in this case, a financial institution in Fiji). I don’t always get the time needed to plan for ideal conditions but I like the challenge of producing appealing images in the short time I’m given.  This is the second shoot for Westpac in Fiji so it was rewarding to see the images from the last shoot everywhere – on billboards, posters, teller machines and in every Westpac bank.  Credit to the client and her designers who have done a great job in developing such an eye-catching brand built around the tag line “Banking for Generations.” A hard cover book on Westpac’s entire South Pacific network is now in production, drawing from the library of images we have produced over the past three years.