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Notes taken while on assignment

Above: The view from my bed at Rondon Ridge Lodge around sunrise – 7,000 ft above sea level, overlooking the cloud-filled Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands of PNG.

Taken on my i-Phone 6 (…..’cause I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed to grab my camera).

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Now this is an exceptional experience – swimming with a school of manta rays in the Solomon Islands.

I’ve gone after manta rays on several assignments in the South Pacific – each time without success – until today.

In fact, my last attempt in Micronesia nearly killed me as I stupidly tried to get ahead of three of them in a strong current and vomited into my regulator from over-exertion at about 20 metres, leaving the manta’s to disappear into the burley of my previous night’s meal as I struggled to get to the surface.

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