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Notes taken while on assignment

I return to Ethiopia next week to complete the promotional photo library for the Ethiopian Tourism Organisation – this time concentrating on the country’s eastern region.

Images captured from the northern and southern routes which I shot last month are now being incorporated into the tourism authority’s promotional collateral.

This portrait (above) of a Hamer woman from the Southern Omo Valley, I personally like as I was struck by her sense of independance and the nobility of her pose.

Twelve days we’ll spend shooting the eastern region’s national parks, the culture and the wildlife before wrapping up for a few days in the capital Adddis Ababa – hopefully with talent.

Then, I’m off to Italy for a month (which I’m scrambling to prepare for at the moment).

Expect to read details shortly.


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I’ve survived the 34 hour journey home (the initial flight was delayed by six hours, I missed the connecting flight by 20 minutes and spent another six hours at Dubia Airport before beginning a horrendous 13 hour flight back) and I’ve recovered enough to post this preview of the first phase of the Ethiopia project. I return in three weeks to concentrate on the east and west of the country to complete the assignment and deliver a photo library of some of the country’s highlights to the national tourism authority.

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Why is it not until I travel to one of the most remote locations on earth to photograph one of the most visually striking tribal groups on the planet, that the gods decide to cook and crash my laptop computer!!!!!.

And this as I was looking to back-up the images I’d just captured of the Mursi tribe which included the women you’ve probably seen in National Geographic Magazine who insert massive clay disc into their lips to promote their beauty).

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