The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation (CITC) is the latest national tourism authority to join our plan to build the largest photo library on the entire South Pacific (featuring, of course, the Cook islands).

Vanuatu signed up last month. Three other countries are in the pipeline.

Our intention is to involve all 13 countries in the region – prioritising those who recognise the benefits and value being offered that are prepared to embrace the association early in 2018.

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The Vanuatu Tourism Organisation (VTO)  is the first national tourism authority to enter into a strategic partnership with Kirklandphotos to build the largest commercial on-line photo library dedicated to the South Pacific (

As a result, the organisation will gain unlimited access to the hundreds of photographs in the Vanuatu Gallery of our library to promote the country.

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IT’S OFFICIAL!!! We’ve finally launched our commercial Photo Library on The South Pacific.

Over the next week, press releases will be sent out, a major direct mail campaign will be launched to just about everyone we’ve ever dealt with, and we’ll start to expand the library to become the largest On-line commercial photo library ever created on the South Pacific (no mean feat).

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