Capture Magazine – Australia’s premier publication for professional photography – has just judged a photograph of  the land diving ritual on Pentecost Island I captured (below) to be one of the top two travel photographs shot in 2013.

The image came second place to a picture of a rooster (don’t ask, although I quite like the image).

It’s featured in the Magazine’s 2013 showcase Annual which is on newsagent shelves now, brimming with a collection of Australia’s best photographs for the year across a range of genres.

It’s the second time I’ve received recognition in the publication. In 2011, I won the best documentary photograph for a shot I did of two crocodile clansmen on the Sepik River, also taking out a top travel photograph award for a picture of a group of Huli wigmen preparing for a Sing Sing. This time, it was Vanuatu’s turn.

It really is hit or miss with a lot of these competitions and awards methinks (though, I should confess, I’ve only ever entered three). Of course, its warming to be recognised but I can’t help thinking it’s as much about getting the balance of photographs right for the spread or the exhibition as it is about the actual merit of the picture. I’m still staggered this photograph I submitted last year of the young monks in Myanmar (below), didn’t even rate a mention.

Ah well, a pat on the head goes a long way and, hopefully, the image will draw attention among Capture’s readership of the need – and the urgency – to record and showcase the disappearing traditional cultures that surrounds us – before it’s gone completely.

 Next Assignment: A 10 day cruise of the Papua New Guinea islands on the luxury vessel, True North (click here for details)


Judged one of the top travel photographs for 2013


..though, remarkably, last year this one didn’t even get a mention