I’m exhausted!

It was supposed to be a leisurely four-day shoot to provide some interim promotional photographs for Ratua Island’s new owners to work with but, everywhere I turned, there was another photograph I simply couldn’t bare to ignore.

It was as if an army of stylists (including co-managers Jo-Jo and Peter) had run amok throughout the entire property before I got there.

In an hour, the drone did it’s stuff from the air and captured the alluring whites, greens and blues (Bombay Gin blue as Peter called it) of the South Pacific. Then we had a perfect, even light for the remaining period that did justice to the rustic, timber interiors, the artefacts and the general mood of the property. Sixteen bungalows in total – all generously spaced out, largely with their own private beaches. Even the handsome horse and rider seemed stylised for the shoot.

Just a delight to work with.

Anyway, I’ll leave some of the pictures we captured (below) to do the talking.

Next Stop (after a few days off, he rushes to add): I return to Efate and the award-winning Havannah, before finishing off  my shoot on Erakor Island and returning to Brisbane.

I’ll post a preview of the two resorts when we’re done.

It’s been 18 months since I last shot The Havannah – Vanuatu’s premier resort property –  so the shoot was about strengthening the image library we built last time, producing some ariels that did the property justice after Cyclone Pam and shooting to a more mature market.

Bringing in talent for four days was a blessing, making it a particularly productive and enjoyable assignment. Again, well done Sam and Daniel.

Here’s a short preview of some of the images captured.

Lovely property, delightful staff, a pleasure to photograph.

As Cris and Papa George (pictured, with the big smile) reminded me, it’s been seven years since I last photographed their island, Erakor – and it’s always a pleasure to come back.

Super friendly staff, great food, and a postcard-perfect island in the middle of an emerald lagoon that I plan to do justice to ……the minute the weather changes (’cause, yes, it appears the gods – who never seem to tire of the same joke – have decided to test my patience again by plunging me into gloomy conditions).

I like this one (above), two old fellas having a laugh and passing on what they know about fishing to their young and eager audience (including sneaking a frozen Red Emperor into the esky so the kids had “evidence of their catch” when they got back home).

I’ll post more later….as soon as the gods tire.

Post Script: The next day they were obviously distracted so I managed to get the drone up for half an hour (below) …..so there was reason to celebrate.

And, how’s this for a story: It’s been more than 20 years since I photographed Alice (below) in what became a much celebrated picture in Vanuatu because of her winning smile. Clearly, nothing’s changed.

“Travel Magazine Editor: “We have a full page on page three to fill. Does anyone know where we can get a high quality photograph quickly?” Travel Wholesaler: “We need a great cover photo for our annual brochure.” Journalist: “I’ve written a great yarn on the trip I’ve just returned from. Where can I get my hands on some good pics to go with it?” Tour Operator: I wish I had some generic photographs of the destination to promote my business on the new web site I’m building.”

Our two latest on-Line Photo libraries

Two of Australia’s regional tourism authorities have begun seeing the benefits of having high quality promotional photographs made instantly available through their own On-line Photo Libraries linked to their web sites.

We’ve just completed two more libraries for regional tourism authorities in Western Australia – Coral Coast Tourism and Australia’s North-West.

The new libraries see the best of a region’s photographs made instantly available to media, travel agents and local tourism operators to promote the region.

Users simply register their details and indicate the purpose of usage through a secure, password-protected system. Once approved, they can browse the library as often as they want, click on the image that appeals to them, and download the high resolution photograph to their desktop – ready to use to promote the region (which, understandably, is a condition of entry).

A range of features has been built into the libraries to suit the particular needs of tourism authorities (which you can read about at the following link if you want more details: www.kirklandphotos.com/portfolio/9).

As you might imagine, apart from providing industry members with high quality photographs to promote their own operations and the region, having the images readily available to media and travel agents has the potential to generate thousands of dollars in free publicity.

Next Stop: Vanuatu.