Its been pouring since I arrived in Kiribati so I’ve been a bit limited to what I can capture. That said, I’m liking the portraits in the soft, even light of an open doorway and the playfulness of the people I’m photographing (below).

Appropriately promoted as “a place for travellers, not tourists,” Kiribati’s reputation (apart from well publicised claims its about to go under due to global warming), is its unique culture, its stunning blue lagoon scenery and the friendliness of its people – all of which I hope to capture over the next four days.

Tomorrow we head out onto the lagoon to spend the night on a pristine island about two hours away from South Tarawa – so please God (any God), I’m begging you; just two hours of blue sky when the tide’s high, the white sailed boat we’ve been trying to arrange and enough wind to lift the outrigger classically out of the water and I promise, I’ll never sing in church again.