FINALLY, THE NIUE PREVIEW (and a glimpse of my “underwater eyeball”)

I’ve had back-to-back assignments for the past three months so I’m a bit behind (and buggered).

Having uploaded previews from the Fiji cruise and Tuvalu which I’ve just come back from, here’s the long-promised  selection of images from Niue, ending with a photograph taken of me (with hair neatly parted I might add) beneath the surface carrying my “underwater eye-ball” to capture the sea snakes and subterranean caverns that sprinkle the Niue coastline (thanks for sending the pic Krystal). I couldn’t be happier with the underwater equipment I’m using.Ideal for travel photography.  It’s small, secure – a compact camera in a solid, tank-like housing with an ultra wide angle lens, and it delivers superb quality images through a Carl Zeiss lens. I’ll review it as soon as I find the time.

Nauru next – the last destination in this project to photograph 15 South Pacific countries. I’m looking forward to the break.