Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

As a professional photographer, I’m often confronted with the issue of whether or not to pay the people I photograph.

If I capture a quick snap, I tend to move on but if I invest time in a picture and the person or people I’m photographing do the same, I’m more than happy to pay them for their time.
That said, I certainly don’t want to encourage people to stick their hands out the minute someone takes their picture so it can be a delicate balance. While I’d like to think the fact I have them sign a model release in exchange for the payment distinguishes me as a professional photographer so they don’t expect payment whenever someone points a camera at them, having sampled the reward, its more likely there’s no going back.

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I have this thing for portraits of elderly people without their front teeth.

They’re cute and I’m often rewarded as a photographer by the culmination of a determined effort on their part to hide their smile and an even more determined effort on my part to unleash the laughter that often lurks just beneath their pursed lips.
But, dear reader, it can be a long wait finding it.

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