SHOOTING “TOURISM” PICS IN TIMOR-LESTE…..and a few black and whites.

Happy highlanders

I’m just back from the remote Marobo Province in the mountains of Timor-Leste and thought I’d quickly drop in this pic (above) to re-enforce the tip I posted earlier (Photography Tip 52)  about the importance of shooting  “tourism”, as well as travel.

The pictures were obviously staged, requiring a day of organising once we got there (site reconnaissance, permission from the village chief, selection of participants and gathering the wardrobe etc). Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about the weather.

Clearly, not something you’re likely to snap opportunistically, wandering around with a camera in your hand.

Adding to the “documentary thing” I’m going through at the moment, these black-and-whites of the same village and a local cock fight  (below).

Next Post: Preview of the Timor-Leste shoot, including my pick of the top 10 images.