“Rainmaker,” they’re calling me on board the ship and there’s talk among guests of throwing me overboard to restore good fortune to the vessel.
Surely, I am cursed as this (above) is what I’m looking at on day five of my 11 day cruise. In fact, I’ve been doing so since the day after we left port.
It was only a couple of months ago I left on a cruise of Fiji’s picture-perfect Yasawa Islands and bobbed around in near cyclone conditions for a week before convincing both my client and myself that if I came back later, the weather would be more settled.
Well, dear reader, this is it – and settled it certainly ain’t.

The island pictured – Wailagilala –  is absolutely stunning…..at least it would be if the winds would abate, the dark clouds parted and the pelting rain stopped. Even in this weather, you can see the ribbons of turquoise water lining the pristine, white beach.
As we have briefly drifted into internet range, I thought I’d have a vent.
So, %%$$##@!!! Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh.
I have said in the past that the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is that the former will always deliver his client appealing images – regardless of the conditions. This trip, certainly, will test that theory.
The good news:  The rain-bearing depression that began the cruise has moved on. The bad news: Another one moves in at midnight tonight to replace it.
Again, $$##@@!!!!