There are a couple of things I wouldn’t recommend doing if you’re white talent on a photo shoot who’s volunteered to be whipped as part of an East New Britain initiation ceremony (below).

Best whip 1

Firstly:  Don’t tweak the chief’s nipples for a laugh when he’s applying the body paint (even though everyone around you, including him, cracks up (below).


whip 3Secondly:  As you kneel on the ground having survived the first lash, don’t look back at your tormentor and joke that he “hits like a girl.”

(As you might have deduced from Steve’s expression (below), he didn’t the second, third and forth time).

whip 6

And thirdly: Don’t wait until your assailant has turned his back to pick something up (below) before exacting your revenge (much to the delight of the crowd).

whip 4

We’re day two into our photo shoot and the weather’s still terrible but its shaping up to be a memorable assignment (certainly for Steve).