Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu have two of the most advanced On-Line Photo Libraries in the South Pacific.

Tourism authorities from both countries – the TPA and the VTO – have just upgraded to our latest software which provides a range of new features to assist them promote their destinations.

The libraries provide travel agents, media and industry operators with instant access to hundreds of high quality photographs – generating thousands of dollars worth of free publicity in a world hungry for quality photography.

Travel Magazine Editor: “We have a full page on page three to fill. Does anyone know where we can get a high quality photograph quickly?” Travel Wholesaler: “We need a great cover pic for our annual brochure on the South Pacific.” Journalist: “I’ve written a good yarn. Where can I get my hands on some good photographs to go with it?” Tour Operator: I wish I had some appealing photographs of the destination to promote my business on the new web site.”

The libraries (screenshots below), have been customised specifically to the needs of tourism authorities, offering upgraded security, password protected access, the ability to monitor image usage and users, and responsive screens (i.e. for viewing on computers, smart phones or pads). Each library is directly linked to the tourism authority’s web site. Advances in the software we have developed also allows the libraries to be completely managed by the tourism authorities themselves. Once built, we merely host them, using our expertise as photographers to provide technical support where needed to ensure the libraries meet the tourism authority’s on-going needs and that the quality of the photography used is of an international standard.

….Certainly, we’ve come a long way since the days when we used to scan images, burn them to a CD and send them in the mail.


library entrance