I’m just finishing up a seven day shoot of Taumeasina Island Resort in Samoa (below).

We largely had great weather and everyone couldn’t have been more helpful (which was surprising given the property is only three weeks into its soft opening and guests are streaming in from all over the country to check out the new resort).

Overall, it’s been a productive shoot although there were some limitations to what could be shot with landscaping still to be completed.

Top Tips for those visiting: The Chef’s outstanding food (simple presentation but exquisitely tasty) at the property’s fine dining restaurant, Sina’s. And rooms 516 and 515, looking out over the water, would be my recommendation.

Otherwise, a few days off then I’m straight up to Papua New Guinea for two back-to-back assignments (a corporate shoot and two wilderness lodges) before returning to the Solomon Islands to complete the promotional photo library for the national tourism authority.

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