It’s been a couple of years since I photographed the Cook Island aunties – Nani and Lydia – hilariously riding their motorcycle. Now they’ve stepped up to a flash looking mini minor …and they appear to have abducted a tourist (Below).

Ya gotta laugh (certainly I did). What great talent.

Abduction in paradise

Photography Tip. In a place like the Cook Islands – with its stunning lagoons – it would be easy for a photographer to slump into depression with overcast skies. However, there’s a lot that can still be photographed in an even light. Assuming you’re not as lucky as I was to grab the “aunties”, there’s Wigmore’s Waterfall (don’t forget your polarising filter if you want that soft water effect), local food to be captured and some beautiful gardens and flora to be photographed. (….This said, enough’s enough. Four days straight and the weather had better turn soon or I’ll be wandering into that not-so-glorious lagoon that surrounds me with my 23 kilo camera bag on – never to be seen again!