I’m wrapping up a seven day shoot of the Cook Islands for its tourism authority.

We worked together five years ago and produced a fairly solid promotional library. It was time for a top-up.

While it’s been productive, sadly, we’ve been hampered by inclement weather which has made for a challenging shoot. Still, as you can see, we managed to grab some pretty reasonable shots, mainly built around visitor activities and a clever branding strategy the tourism authority has underway (if you haven’t seen the cute “Katukunga” promotional clip for Love a Little Paradise on YuTube, make the effort. I love it).

I should add, the scenery and arial pics you can see below have all been shot on the new 35mm, F32 prime lens for my medium format camera. And what a staggering quality it produces – delivering a massive, crystal-clear, 110mg file size (it’s almost an injustice to  post these low resolution images on the blog).

I fear I’ll never draw on my 35mm cameras for scenery again.

Anyway, well done team.

Next Stop: Tahiti.