The Saudi’s have been back in touch about visa details so –  Insh’Allah –  I’ll be off to Riyadh again towards the end of the month to be one of the judges in their national photographic competition and shoot for their photo library.
In the meantime, I’ve just arrived in regional Victoria – The High Country, I’m told – on a five day shoot for the local government authority.
We’ll spend the next five days driving around shooting largely “inventory shots” and planning for the “big pictures” which I’ll come back for next month (sensible approach; the calibre of photography is likely to be much higher than if I was to madly run around and try and get everything done in one shoot).
Actually, I’m enjoying the contrast of being here. My recent commissions – mostly overseas – have been fun but its a pleasure to come back and play in my own “back yard.”  There’s something to be said for a man travelling the world in search of what he needs, only to return home to find it.

As I scratch this note into my moleskin, I’m sitting at Bridgeroad Brewers- a groovy, rustic boutique brewery in the centre of Beechwood. Yeast is quietly bubbling in the giant, chrome vats behind me, a crisp-based wood-fired pizza, covered with Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella, oregano, tomato and basil, has just been placed on my table and I’ve gone for the staff-recommended Celtic Fresh Ale. There’s a lone female guitarist singing in the distance.

Nice part of the world methinks.

Shooting starts tomorrow.