Just send me 10 of your best photographs and a short summary of what you’re interested in learning and I’ll give you direct, personal tuition on how to improve your travel photographs.

The lesson will draw from the two decades of experience I’ve accumulated as a professional travel and tourism photographer and focus specifically on your work and how to capture better pictures or improve your prospects as a travel photographer.

It seems to me that photography workshops, instruction books, magazine articles and DVD’s can be a long – and sometimes expensive – road to learning how to improve your travel photographs. You can spend hours immersed in them and still not find something that speaks to the stage you are at as a photographer. Sometimes we all just need someone with an experienced eye to look at our work and suggest how we might do it differently or provide information about a specific technique we’re interested in.

That one bit of advice can change your trajectory completely.

So, while I’ve had a bit of time on this cruise shoot (previous post), I’ve come up with this formula which I believe will fast-track the learning curve of photographers who want to improve their travel shots.  Just send me 10 of your photos and an indication what you want to learn, then spend 20 minutes in a one-on-one telephone or Skype session with me, and I’m prepared to guarantee your photography will improve (provided, of course, you take my advice).

As part of the session, I’ll review what you’ve sent me and offer advice on what you might have done differently to improve the pictures. I’ll also suggest what you could be concentrating on to improve your photography, answer any questions you might have about a specific technique you’re interested in, and consider what you want to achieve with your photographs.

If I receive your parcel and I don’t think I have anything to offer, I’ll simply say so.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be one of two types of travel photographer – a traveller with a camera who wants to know how to improve their photography or a travel photographer who wants to learn specific techniques, has specific questions or is seeking to improve their prospects as a travel photographer. Either way, this one-on-one tuition is the most efficient way I can think of to pass on what I have learned and fast-track your ability to capture world-class travel photographs.

As I’m keen to ensure you value my advice (and we all tend to take instruction more seriously if we’re paying for it), the cost of the 20 minute session will be AUD$300 (which I’ll have to work into my assignment schedule).

The instruction I’m offering is based on this simple, single premise: That you’re a lot more likely to learn how to improve your photography quickly from someone who’s making a living from it if the instruction is based on a knowledge of your work and your ability, coupled with an understanding of your priorities and needs as a photographer.

If you’re interested in this one-on-one session, send an e-mail to me at with the 10 photographs that best represent your work (72 dpi is fine) and a short summary of what you’re interested in learning about so we can look at a time that suits both of us to have a chat.