We’ve just been commissioned to decorate the entrance way of Papua New Guinea’s International Airport in Port Moresby with my photographs (concept below).

All things being equal, the project’s completion will co-incide with the June launch of my latest coffee table book, Papua New Guinea – The Last Great Frontier 

It’s a big project and Tim’s now madly running around working with production houses to make sure it looks the part. The feature photograph of the Huli Wigmen preparing for a Sing-Sing with the small boy sitting, captivated, in the middle, will be broken up into three, two metre high, perspex panels mounted to the wall. A range of smaller photographs of various sizes, also set behind 10 cm thick perspex, will be mounted along the side to provide a contemporary collage of appealing, friendly images of PNG. Stylish, brushed metal mountings and spot lighting will be added to provide the finishing touches.

I was tempted to propose a fine art piece combining my photography with one of my artefacts as a feature, but I thought better of it given the timing and my assignment schedule (I leave again tomorrow).

…with hundreds of thousands of international arrivals a year, it’s not a bad place to showcase my work methinks (Poor Tim though, I think the project’s ageing him).

International Airport Concept

International Airport Concept

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