A quick post of Efate’s Lelepa Island

A few quick pics from Lelepa Island – regarded as some of the best snorkelling around Efate (which has certainly proved to be the case to date). Colourful coral patches, plenty of fish and – as you can see – amazing visibility on the morning we were there.

Well done Karin and Matt who all but drowned having to repeat their dives for a stubborn photographer who was eager to do the setting  justice.

Photography Tip: If you’re planning some underwater photography, overcast days tend to make for better pictures – particularly if you have people in the frame as the bodies tend to be overexposed at the same settings you need to capture the colour and detail of the coral and fish. Depending on the conditions, I also drop at least one F-stop to ensure I get more detail. Remember, the best colour is closer to the surface; go too deep and everything turns blue. Find a pleasing feature in the coral and work around it..and, if you’re going to feed the fish in a spot where they are used to being fed, hold onto your fingers!