As good as it gets – Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Having endured 10 straight days of rain and overcast conditions during a back-to-back resort shoot on Rarotonga, the gods obviously decided I’d served my penance (the list is long) and followed-up with five days of exceptional conditions for a destination shoot of Aitutaki and the remote island of Atiu for the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

And, as you can see, it doesn’t get much better than this for photography – clear skies, handsome talent and probably the best support I have received from a tourism authority in 20 years in the game (well done Taniera).

Here’s a short preview of some of the photographs that are likely to make their way into the tourism authority’s promotional library in 2019.

Visit the Cook Islands Gallery of our commercial photo library at in a couple of weeks to see a comprehensive range of images captured during the assignment.